Why Do Girls Like Jerks? Avoid This One Mistake To Attract Women

Why do girls like jerks like this

This is the look of the man who will steal your girl right from under your arm at the bar. #SadTruths


In my last letter I talked to you about your indirect strategy to acquire a girl’s number and a date, which resulted in you getting stood up. After reading my letter you should realize getting stood up is not the end of the world. It sucks, but if it hadn’t happened you wouldn’t have the new knowledge of what went wrong or why.

So to summarize we learned two important lessons:

  1. You shouldn’t josh around when it comes to asking for a lady’s number
  2. You should, in no way, arrange a date around serendipity. (“I’ll be out, let’s meet up”)

The reasons you shouldn’t do these things is because they are actually little ploys by your ego to avoid pain of rejection. If you don’t ask a direct question you don’t receive a direct rejection.

You’re going to hear me repeat myself a lot in these letters, but these lessons build on each other. You’ll want a solid foundation because when you’re out there “in the field” talking to girls, you don’t have time to reflect on these lessons. They need to be burned in your brain.

If you shouldn’t be indirect, what should you do? You said be direct. You’re a genius. But it isn’t enough to know that you should be direct, because your ego is a very powerful enemy. You have to understand why being direct is what you want, both when it works and when it doesn’t.

Otherwise, the first time you try being direct and it doesn’t go the way you’d hope, your ego will kick into overdrive: “That was stupid! You should have just said you chill at Panera every day from 1 to 2:30pm. If she shows up or not, no big deal.”

Recognize indirect actions are pure cowardice. Don’t just recognize them, resent them. Loathe them. Why loathe them? Why not just avoid them? Because your “target market” loathes them, of course.

That’s right. Women, all of them, resent cowardice. So to win them over you must as well. If you even tolerate cowardice, they will liken you to a coward and an evil seed will be planted.

I saw this one episode of Louie on Netflix (terrific show). Louie was out on a date with a woman and they were eating pizza or something. Some kids came in and started taunting and threatening to fight Louie. I think one kid slapped him. Anyway, Louie backed down and the kids left.

Afterwards, the woman looks at Louie and says something like, “I don’t know why, but I’m just repulsed by you. Take me home, please.” That’s how women feel about cowardice.

Attraction is like sales. One of the keys to being a successful marketer or salesman is understanding your target market. Get in their shoes. Figure out their motivations. Their hopes and dreams. “What keeps them up at night,” is what they always say.

Let’s take you for instance, James. I know exactly what you want. You want to find a quality girl you can curl up with on the couch those cold winter nights, pop Scrubs on Netflix, and chow down on some popcorn.

You’d enjoy someone fun to join you at the Saturday tailgates in the fall. The girls look great getting dolled up in their sundresses and school colors for college football, don’t they?

Someone beautiful to bring with you to the beach in the summer.

I understand your motivations so I know how to give you what you want. You’ll listen to me. Following this logic, it would behoove you to learn your target market, women, and figure out what they want. And it also helps to know what they hate.

Let’s recap again. We learned already that women do not want plans made indirectly. We don’t make jokes when we want something. We know men should be direct because being indirect is a sign of cowardice and we know women despise cowardice.

Soak all this in. Bask in it. This will change the entire makeup of how you behave towards women. You are now closer than you’ve ever been to giving women what they want and truly making them happy.

When we talk to women we want to convey certainty. That’s what women respond to. Confidence. Everyone is always saying that, aren’t they?

But nobody seems to be listening.

Girl Frustrated with Nice Guys

“If one more pushover Nice Guy sends me a corny pickup line I will shoot myself in the face”

Think of your biggest douche friend. You love him, but the dude is a bit of a jerk. That guy probably gets tons of girls. If not him, then your second biggest douche of a friend does. Why does this happen?

You’ve read Hang-Ups and Hangovers, you know the answer. Confidence, right? Good job.

Girls like “jerks” and douches because women are hopelessly attracted to confidence and despise cowardice.

A guy who is totally full of himself is a jerk. He looks like a fool- wearing sun glasses at night, popping his collar, and having more flat bills than dollar bills to his name.

But on the outside he seems completely assured of himself. How else can he bring himself to look like a clown in public all the time?

Women see this and can’t help but feel fuzzies in the company of a confident man.

You see, it’s not that girls like jerks. It’s that they hate cowardice. They want a man with as little cowardice in him as humanly possible. Unfortunately, those guys are often jerks.

You want to fall somewhere in the middle. Confident, but not a jerk.

Need More Details On This Topic?

That actually reminds me of another point I’d like to make. Even the jerks go home alone most nights. Nothing guarantees you a girl every time you turn around. And you don’t need that. Nobody needs that.

Most guys who are “good” with girls have a girl or two at any given time and this makes other men (who have zero girls) totally envious. But it’s not like women are lining out the door for these guys. These guys are just capitalizing on opportunities and sometimes those girls stick around.

“Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” That’s what we are doing here. We are preparing you. We are morphing the way you view yourself and the opposite sex so that when an opportunity arises, you don’t blow it.

Once you are better prepared, we are going to throw you into the deep end of the opportunity pool. Then once you are both prepared and presented with many opportunities, you are at the sweet spot of “selection.” That’s right, you get to PICK which girl you want.

Imagine that!

A world in which you don’t have to SETTLE for whichever girl will give you the time of day on Tinder. Where you’re not on dates sitting across from some bonehead who can’t put down her goddamn phone for a minute. Well, there will be some of those, but you won’t ever have to see them twice.

A world where you say stuff like, “Ya know, I really like Sarah, but the whole smoking pot thing is a deal breaker for me.”

Drill it into your head: Women hate cowardice.

In everything you do from the time you put down this letter, think to yourself: Does this display confidence? Am I acting insecure? Am I displaying weakness?

That’s it for today.

Burn disdain for cowardice into your psyche.

Good luck,


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