The Selfie Princess: A Social Media Satire

The middle ages were a tumultuous time of war, political and civil unrest, plague, famine, and… selfies? Shining a spotlight directly on the attention seeking behavior of social media today, The Selfie Princess is a satirical fiction novella based in the middle ages that tells the tale of a poor princess desperate for attention and approval for her fabulous, hand-crafted selfies.

Take a journey into the dark ages with this funny and relatable story told through the eyes of four characters of different caste and background, who respond to the princess’s validation therapy in their own unique way.

The Selfie Princess, Kyle Milligan

Thoughts on The Selfie Princess From Readers

Mark B Amazon Reviewer

The merchant is an intriguing character, desperate for the attention of both women and strong men. Follow his character closely and you will see similarities common in men today

Anonymous Amazon Reviewer

Great short story that reflects the real world in humorous way.