“So… Is This Book About You?” Why I Wrote Hang-Ups and Hangovers

The number one question I have received from every person who has heard the plot of Hang-Ups and Hangovers has been, “So… is this book about you?”

For the most part, yes, this book is colored by my experiences as a single guy in his twenties. Some things are truer than others. Some things are written exactly as they happened to real life Kyle Milligan. I had a great long-term relationship through my college days and the point where that ended is right about where main-character David McCleary’s story begins.

I wrote this story because when I first hit the dating scene it was a bit overwhelming for me. Downright intimidating. I’m an introvert by nature and so is David. I probably spend more time in my thoughts than in real life and that’s always been a social detriment for me to be honest. Asking girls on dates didn’t come naturally to me. I had to work at it like David does in his story.

Dating felt very lonely and tiresome for me. Putting myself out there constantly with the ever present risk of an embarrassing shoot-down wasn’t always fun and it could be extremely taxing emotionally, which you’ll see a lot in Hang-Ups and Hangovers.

I think this book should entertain anyone who picks it up- I sent it off to a guy to read it through for me and he finished the 300+ page manuscript in 24 hours, if that tells you anything. But there is more to this novel than delivering chuckles. David is a real person.

David experiences the highs and lows of his successes and failures, of affection and rejection, and feels those emotions deeply, probably more so than the book blurb would lead on. I originally thought this book was designed for single men in their twenties to relate. However, emotions are universal. Even my female editor remarked how often she placed herself in David’s shoes with the trials he faced while trying to meet girls.

As David progresses through his story his character evolves. He becomes better at meeting girls. More proficient. There are real life truths and lessons behind his eventual success with women. Through his experiences, the reader will see David’s personality morph from awkward and bitter to confident and charming. The change is real, and the message and lessons are valuable and applicable in real life.

I hope reading this book will touch you in some way and the message will give you new perspective on the trials of being a confused, twenty-something trying to navigate the choppy waters of the dating world.

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I'm Kyle Milligan, I write New Adult Books that don't suck. i.e. The Hang-Ups and Hangovers series. I like to write about the challenges of being a single twenty-something in today's hookup culture. My blog offers Dating Advice For Men.

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