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Chasing Aveda Girls

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Introvert and rising senior David McCleary spends his last summer vacation lying out by the pool, drinking cheap beers, and checking out beautiful college girls.

In a rare display of bravery, David catches the eye of a petite Peruvian and stumbles into a party invitation with students of the Aveda Institute of Chapel Hill. Unsure how to talk to girls or escalate with his new Aveda love interest, David battles with his insecure and jealous tendencies when his charismatic roommate, Evan, challenges his manhood.

In this prequel novella to Hang-Ups and Hangovers, Chasing Aveda Girls places the reader in the shoes of an apathetic senior who can’t quit questioning social norms. David’s ruminations touch on issues ranging from choosing a college major, the traditional internship and career path, buying beer with a fake ID, and, of course, girls.

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