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New Adult Author Kyle Milligan

I'm Kyle Milligan. I'm a fiction author and blog writer. I'll show you how to date better.

When you got up the nerve to start dating (or to sign up for your first dating site) you imagined how you’d find that one special girl.

She would laugh at your jokes. You'd show her off to your friends and family. She'd look stunning on vacations at the beach...but your dreams were quickly dashed when you realized you didn't HAVE A CLUE how to talk to a strange girl, let alone ask her on a date.

And on those lucky occasions you managed to land a date, you were left to shoot in the in the dark and hope for the best! More often than not, your dates left you with nothing to do but cringe every time you remember one of your failed attempts.

So what do you do…? That’s right, you seek advice.

So you turn to the internet, just like everyone does these days. The problem is almost all the dating advice online simply doesn't work. It's being pitched left and right by people who have never tried it, never had success with it, but read it somewhere and regurgitate it at your expense.

You know how I know this? Because I’ve been you.

And I spent years sifting through the garbage to find the gems of advice that actually worked. And I know they work because I tested all of them.

On my 23rd birthday, I ate a dinner for two at my apartment. That is, I ate two dinners alone. I got stood up.

It was the worst feeling in the world. I was such a loser that a girl wouldn’t eat free food with me on my birthday? How did this happen?

Then I started reading dating advice online. The good stuff and the bad. I learned lines, routines, etc. I tried really DUMB things with pretty girls. Girls I REALLY liked. A lot of them would just think I was strange. Many of them won’t even speak to me any more. I wasn’t any better off! This led me to become quite depressed. And that's when I had my breakthrough.

It was when I finally gave up hope that something amazing happened. I FINALLY started acting like myself. I had given up, I didn't care if girls liked me or not. So I was recklessly Kyle.

My truest colors shined through and all of a sudden girls DID like me. I was going on way more dates, and seeing the same girls multiple times. Imagine that, girls wanting to see me again after the first date! Just by consistently putting into practice the lessons I had learned.

I wanted to share this discovery and transformation with the world. So…

Inside one of these platforms you should be able to find just about any answer you need to get started in dating. If you can’t find it, just contact me on my youtube channel or reach out on twitter @realkmilli.

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