It’s Just Dancing

Have you ever been in a relationship where one person says, “It’s just dancing?”

Get out.

I should be working on my niche site right now. Lord knows it could use more traffic. But there is a stupid bimbo at the end of this table who has been bitching for 30 minutes to her mother, on the phone, loudly, about how her friends told her boyfriend that she dances with other boys. “Don’t you think you should be able to dance with other people? It’s not that kind of dancing, Mom. They stand behind you.” Oh, that’s better. Wait, what? No. That’s worse. It isn’t dancing for the art of dancing. It isn’t tango, or salsa, or whatever. She thinks it’s okay, more appropriate even, because it’s grinding?

Kermit Grinding Coffee

This is the only type of grinding I’m cool with if I’m in a relationship

It’s not “just dancing,” you fucking retard. Grinding is dry humping. It’s foreplay. He knows it, she knows it. Two horny young individuals humping and grinding. There just happens to be music and lights. Shut off the music and lights and they are just animals rubbing genitals. If it was horizontal, the exact same thing would be considered cheating- to most. Definitely frowned upon. But men are allowing this and women are justifying it.

If a girl is putting her ass in my crotch she is going to know what I’m packing. I’m going to make sure she feels it. I’ll pull her tighter and tighter until the imprint of my hard-on is impressed into her ass cheek for the next week. Then I’m going for her neck.

As a man, I am not okay with the idea that any strange man who approaches at a bar has open access to stuff his dick against my woman. For any man who is cool with that, point someone like me in the direction of your girl and we’ll see where she draws the line when you’re not around. You’ll probably be disappointed…and heartbroken.

If they hold hands while dancing, is it just a part of dancing? If a kiss slips in, but it was he who kissed her, is it not her fault? It’s begging for trouble, this shit. Plausible deniability. That’s all she wants.

The worst part is her bitch-ass pussy of a boyfriend sat beside her while she went on and on. About how she wasn’t going to let him hang out with her friends any more if he’s just going to try and get close to them to ask for secrets about her.

This is the hookup culture we live in. This bitch is the problem. Her pussy boyfriend (who was in the military too) is the fucking problem.

My friend matched with a girl on Tinder yesterday. She’s married. We know because we know her husband.

Men have to man the fuck up. It makes me so fucking heated that this man, a military man, sat there. Sat there, like a little fucking bitch, as his girlfriend justified getting felt up in downtown Greenville, NC, and felt the girth of strange men’s dicks.

Maybe I’m just old fashioned…

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