How to Get More Matches On Tinder for Guys

To be successful on Tinder, it all starts with getting more matches. Before you can learn to get girls on Tinder, you must first figure out how to match with them. And still, even before you try to get more matches on Tinder, you should understand Tinder’s real function.

Tinder’s Real Function

Tinder is just a means to an introduction. The app itself does not dictate your individual intent. It doesn’t matter what you are on the app for. You could be looking for anything from anonymous sex to your next girlfriend or future wife. A match on Tinder is just an opportunity, an introduction, to a new human, and how you treat them is up to you.

By the nature of its interface, regardless of your intentions and beliefs, Tinder is a fickle and superficial app. Therefore, to be successful on Tinder you have to put your best, most interesting foot forward. Girls will be casually and flippantly deciding if they could see themselves getting naked with you (on the 1st date or 100th) based on impressions they formed in fractions of seconds.

I have been on plenty of Tinder dates in my day, and a lot of the material for my books came from those dates. Admittedly, when I was just starting out, I needed help to get more matches on Tinder.

No worries. Getting more matches on Tinder isn’t rocket science. There are some simple guidelines to follow that can help you get more shots at your next lay and/or dream girl.

How to Get More Matches on Tinder

In my new adult book, Redheads and Bedspreads, David McCleary tries his luck at meeting girls electronically by using the fictitious phone app, Flirt. After experiencing many failures trying to chat up Flirt girls, David sought the advice of his best friends, Evan and Nemo. Pay attention to David’s story because Evan can teach you how to get girls on Tinder.

How to get more matches on Tinder Redheads and bedspreads Kyle Milligan

That Wednesday at Foolbird’s, Evan tore everything about my Flirt presence to shreds. It wasn’t just my conversation skills. My profile picture, my supporting pictures, my profile blurb, everything was wrong. (Excerpt from Redheads and Bedspreads)

Your Primary Tinder Profile Picture Is The Most Important Pic

Your primary Tinder picture is probably the only one she’ll see, so to be successful on Tinder make sure you pick it carefully.

  • Don’t put up blurry pictures
  • Don’t put a group pic for your primary Tinder picture
  • Don’t cover your face
  • It’s not required, but try to be doing something interesting

Most girls can count on a match whenever they swipe right. Therefore, they don’t put too much effort into their tinder game and their attention span, on average, is zero seconds.

How to get girls on tinder

I was out at a bar in Charlotte once and I saw a girl with her phone on the table in front of her. She jammed to the thundering bar music and danced Risky-Business style just swiping like a madwoman.

After a couple songs she got bored of swiping but she didn’t quit. She handed her phone to a guy in her group to swipe for her. This is how much attention your pictures are getting so you better make them good.

There is a threshold you must overcome and regardless of how shamefully shallow its height hovers, you should abide these rules.

Look Away to Get More Matches on Tinder

First, my pictures. Too many people. No group pictures. “Rookie mistake,” Nemo said after Evan called me out. My main picture should be of just me and it would be better if I didn’t look directly at the camera. Smile optional. I asked why I couldn’t look at the camera and Evan said it made me more mysterious.

“It looks like you’re distracted by something funny or interesting,” Evan explained.

“Damn, Dave, everybody knows that,” Nemo snickered.

Okay, cool. Look away. I found a picture of me holding a beer in my living room laughing at a joke someone had told off camera.

“Perfect,” Evan said.

I swear to God this is a thing. There have been tests, studies, that when a dude’s primary picture is one of him looking away there is a measurable difference in matches. Like Evan says in the Redheads and Bedspreads excerpt, it makes you look mysterious and interesting. OkCupid put out a study that showed no eye-contact photos increased men’s profile performance whether they were smiling or not. Same principles apply to get girls on Tinder.

Showing Off Your Body = More Matches on Tinder

He made me dump all my group pictures except one. That way, everyone knew who I was, but could also see I had friends and was social. He asked if I had any good shirtless pictures. We looked over our Memorial weekend and July fourth beach pictures and decided that my body wasn’t impressive enough for such a move. That left me with one picture of the bros and me, one of me on a rooftop with the Uptown Charlotte skyline in the background, one of me at the beach wearing my old, dark rectangle shades, tank top still equipped.

Then the profile.

A nice shadowy six pack will hold women’s eyes a bit longer than a regular picture. After I got abs using Bigger Leaner Stronger I put the results in my tinder profile and noticed more girls were messaging me first.

At a macro level, women are less influenced by physical cues than men; more on that in the next paragraph. Still, women are human and Tinder is a fickle app. To get girls on tinder that should always be at the forefront of your mind: Tinder is a fickle app. It all starts with attraction. Don’t let rainbows and hope blind you. That does NOT preclude something “real” from coming from a Tinder match. And it doesn’t mean you are a whore who only wants sex if you use Tinder. But you must hold this fickle mindset so that you can at least get a right-swipe and opportunity for something real to develop.

how to get girls on tinder abs

I found I received even more matches on Tinder and more girls opening me when I put up before and after pictures of my body transformation. I think this factors into the more subtle attraction mechanisms within women. When you see an abs pic, it’s easy to think, “roidy, narcissist, ass clown.” When you see a before and after pic, you subconsciously think more positive things about a person.

“Bullet Points, Bro. Bullet Points.”

“What is this, your goddamned A&E biography?” Evan remarked. “Bullet points, bro. Bullet points.” We shortened a lengthy and thorough essay about my favorite interests and hobbies into an elementary, three-sentence blip. Each line contained as few words as possible. The underlying theme was this would make me even more mysterious and intriguing, yet let the girl glean some information about me.

My page-long bio was reduced to the following three lines:

Author. Coffee and gym enthusiast.

Sucker for tats.

Bars > clubs.

That was it.

“Wait. Take those periods out,” Evan instructed. “No periods.” This poetic profile actually did convey the same message as my original paragraph. Evan’s ability to sum up my entire existence in three lines was impressive.

Most people don’t even look at profile blurbs on Tinder. And even the folks who do look just scan. Therefore, to get girls on Tinder, do what Evan instructed David to do in the excerpt. No paragraphs in your profile. Hell, no sentences if you can avoid it. Just use sentence fragments getting the points across in as few words as possible.

I’ve seen discussions with different schools of thought regarding profiles: To mention what you like in a girl versus not saying a word about what you like. To get more matches on Tinder, I lean toward not being too specific about what you are looking for. The reason is, you can always filter for this later. You don’t want a girl to like your profile picture you worked so hard on, then open your profile blurb to be turned off without even exchanging a hello first.

I think it is okay to list a hobby or two. Knowing what a person likes to do in their free time can give someone a glimpse into the type of person they are matching. Brevity introduces mystery. If you want to pique a woman’s interest immediately, and avoid the friend zone later, you’ll avoid being an open book with her…until…forever. Don’t ever be a completely open book. Don’t be dishonest, just don’t vomit all your feels and when you’ve had a bad day on her. Mmkay?

A Picture with a Dog

I don’t have a dog. I haven’t tested this. But how could it not work? Also, I have seen plenty of profiles where a girl has written something like, “will swipe right for dog.”


Forget what you hear or think about being cliche with your dog pic, or douchey with your ab pic in your Tinder profile pictures. If you want to get more matches on Tinder, follow the rules. In this arena, being original is a stupid waste of time. Why spend the extra energy when you can just do what works to be successful on Tinder?

Remember, the point of Tinder isn’t to find your love. You don’t fall in love on Tinder, you say hello. To get more hellos you must remember that Tinder is a fickle app.

The point of Tinder is the introduction it lends. What happens next, hookup, date, new relationship, is up to you. The tips in this article will help you be successful on Tinder because they increase your odds at more introductions, i.e. more matches.

P.S. There are plenty of instances where you can learn from how David succeeds and fails at online dating in my new adult book, Redheads and Bedspreads.

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