Tired of Being A Virgin in College? What You Should Know

Tired of Being a Virgin in College

“Sounds pathetic but I’m tired of being a virgin…I’ll be 22 soon and I know that sex isn’t everything but I feel like im really missing out and sh*t not to mention college is the easiest time to get laid. What should I do to make myself noticeable aside from working out.”

Dating Is A Skill

Everyone thinks a certain point in time is the best time for XYZ. However, as you get older and accumulate more experience, you should find it EASIER as you get better, whether you are in college or not.

Dating is a skill and you CAN get better at it.

In terms of becoming more noticeable: this is a passive approach to attracting women. Men attract women through action. Rarely will you see a man attract women from just “being more noticeable.” You’ll have to take some sort of action to get laid.

You’ll want to take a more active approach and talk to more GIRLS. Not just people. You need to ask girls out to get better at asking girls out. If you suck at this, be prepared to get told no a couple times, but eventually you will get your yes.

You learn how to be direct in asking a girl out, (always have a place and time in mind and ready when you ask them out). Then take what worked and build upon it. Again, dating is like any skill set.

Finally, you can attract women by pursuing your passion. You are your most attractive when you are in your zone. I actually got my current girlfriend after she read, and loved, one of my books.

By pursuing what makes you happiest, you are setting yourself up to meet people who are more likely to jibe with you and be a better fit.

You can learn this stuff.

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Addressing The Question

Whats up guys? Kyle Milligan of realkylemilligan.com here and we’re gonna answer a question from Reddit under “Dating Advice”. Question is, “Sounds pathetic but I’m tired of being a virgin…I’ll be 22 soon and I know that sex isn’t everything but I feel like I’m really missing out and shit, not to mention college is the easiest time to get laid. What should I do to make myself noticeable aside from working out?”

Is College The Easiest Time to Get Laid?

I’ve got a couple angles I wanna come at this question. College is being the easiest time to get laid. Everyone always thinks like, there’s a certain period in time you’ve gotta get everything done. And I wanna tell you first and foremost, it might be easier than going out and meeting people in the real world, but you’ll actually find that as you get older and accumulate more experience with women, the future is always the easiest time to get laid because you should always be progressing in the skill set.

You should always be getting better. So tomorrow is the easiest time to get laid. And the day after that is the easiest time to get laid. Because every time you practice these skills you’ll get better at them. Dating is a skill and you can get better at it.

How Do I Become More Noticeable?

What should I do to make myself noticeable? Working out is always a plus. It will help you be more attractive, but what this is, is almost a passive way of attraction. That’s not how men attract women.

That’s how women attract men, is make themselves stand out and they flash their feathers and all of that kind of stuff, and they’re beautiful. That’s not how men go about being attractive. Like, do I look like I stand out and I’m a pretty person that’s gonna be noticed? No. But do I get laid? Yes.

What you gotta do is go the whole confidence route. You’ve gotta be more confident. What that means is you have to take more action. Men attract women through action, not through passive standing out. Very few men draw women to them just by being noticeable.

If they do it’s from being very gregarious, like the man, the funny dude who has everyone laughing around him. Everyone has to hang out with this guy for his vibe, his energy. That kind of stuff still is kind of active. You can’t just put on some muscles, and chicks walk up and talk to you. If you put on too many muscles, almost the opposite thing happens.

How to Take More Action with Women

What I would recommend is you wanna take a more active approach, like this person here says talk to people. Yeah, you wanna talk to people, you wanna build your friends circle, but does it make you better at dating? You wanna practice talking to girls and asking them out. You want to gather a skill set of going from hello to hey, do you want to get a drink this weekend?

The only way to do that is to take some reps. Take some hits, because you’re gonna get told no, but you’re also gonna get told yes.

The best and easiest way to do this is go to a coffee shop and hang out. Occasionally, you’re in a college town or something like that. There should be college chicks around, and all you gotta do is strike up a conversation, very organically.

find love in a coffee shop

There is almost no better practice grounds for meeting women than a coffee shop

While you’re working, if there’s a girl around you, you just ask her what she’s working on and start going from there and see if you guys click. Then say hey it’s been fun talking. You wanna go out Thursday, or are you doing anything on Monday, do you want to hang out? Something like that, really easy, really casual and you can do it a million times without being a total creep or doing any weird games or tricks.

The other thing you can do, I’ll come back to this noticeable thing. You can actually get girls by pursuing your passion. By being in your zone. Like if you’re a crazy basketball player and you’re always out just killing it on the courts and you’re in your zone there, basically when you’re the leader among men and you’re the man at something. Chicks can pick up on that and sense that about you, you’re like doing your thing. You always put that before everything else and you’re just like really driven on that, chicks just admire that.

They love that ambition, that drive. If you have something like that just go after it with all you got. That also makes you more attractive. It builds that confidence and it puts you in a circle of people who you can really relate to and you can create a genuine connection with.

Instead of just talking to random people, make it a little more targeted so you actually find the right type of people who will jibe with you. Think you’re a cool dude, find you in your niche, in your zone. That’s gonna make you even more attractive.


Let’s kinda recap real quick. College is the easiest time to get laid…the future is always the easiest time to get laid. What should I do to get noticeable? Attraction is an active thing. Women are passive about it, men are active. Go get some girls. Go talk to them, ask them out. Working out? It’s a plus. It’s not gonna be the game changer that people make it out to be. You still gotta get out there and take your licks.

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Tired of Being A Virgin in College? What You Should Know
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Tired of Being A Virgin in College? What You Should Know
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