Austin Powers Should Be All Men’s Role Model – Here’s Why

Austin Powers is a boss

Austin Powers is a ladies man, and international man of mystery, and should be a role model for all men. I’ll explain why.


Last time we spoke you were charged up about a girl who wasn’t responding to your text messages the way you’d like. In your two last messages to me, you dropped the F bomb, the S bomb, and the B bomb. I wanted to address your frustrations in this letter. I won’t shame you for saying the things you said, we have all been frustrated. I have personally said FAR worse things than you did. In fact, one of the selling points of Hang-Ups and Hangovers is how honestly I paint those weak, frustrated moments. So no, I won’t scold you, but I will tell you to stop it right now, mister.

It is Feminine to Become Emotional

Men aren’t emotional. Men should be stoic. Boys and girls are allowed the freedom to be emotional. But they do not get to have sex with women. Only men do.

Men are unreactive. Stoic.

Not stoic like a monk. You could be cool. Like James Bond.

Being stoic can manifest in a ton of ways. Think of James Bond, James Dean, Austin Powers…

Yes. Austin Powers.

Austin Powers Is A Role Model

I remember watching the first Austin Powers movie and this one scene that will never leave my mind.

Austin is trying to seduce Vanessa on his bed. And then she falls on the bed and he goes “Oh I fell ova!”

Vanessa gets off the bed and man she let’s him have it. She says there is NO WAY she would EVER have sex with him, even if he was the last man on earth.

You know what he says?

“What’s your point, Vanessa?”

Completely unphased! Austin Powers is a caricature of confidence, and therefore he is a model man. I’m not even kidding. Be more like Austin Powers.

Think about this: Do you think Austin Powers would get angry if some broad didn’t text him back right away? No. No sir, not at all.

Austin Powers blindly loves himself. He doesn’t care what anyone else thinks, not even the girl he’s aggressively pursuing.

Also, watch the embedded video and notice Vanessa’s reaction at the end of the scene.

Men Cannot Be Influenced By Others

When I think about what a man should be, I think about this Rudolph Giuliani quote:

“The more people are yelling and screaming around you, the calmer you should become. Become unnaturally calm.”

When I see this quote, I don’t see tips for “how to handle a crisis.” I see how to be a man.

A man is unreactive. Be it unreactive to others, the situation, whatever. He doesn’t become emotional. He doesn’t get charged up. He doesn’t spit and curse and get frustrated.


How To Be Unreactive

When we last spoke, you my friend, were jarred. You were frustrated. Angry. Bitter. And it was ugly.

Sure, you can say it was behind closed doors. It was in confidence with a trusted friend. So it doesn’t count.

But the fact remains:

You were jarred.

Everyone thinks they are unreactive. Everyone.

But they are not. I struggle with it sometimes and I’ve been practicing for years.

If you are not a person who has always been unreactive, then becoming so is a conscious decision at the start. Then it becomes second nature.

To become unreactive is to take back your power from people, outside events, and circumstances, and be totally happy with your life as it is.

There are several ways to do this.

One way is to practice being in the moment, which you can learn about in The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle, or Gorilla Mindset by Mike Cernovich.

Need More Details On This Topic?

Be In The Present Moment

Let’s talk about “being in the moment” for a minute.

Being in the moment is basically focusing on the present moment around you, as it ACTUALLY is. There are hairs on your arms. There are shoes on your feet. If you are sitting in a chair, is it made of wood, plastic, iron?

That is the ACTUAL world. Your frustrations stem from your made up beliefs about “justice,” “courtesy,” and other righteousness that isn’t REAL. It’s made up in your head.

Your EGO creates these emotions.

Whenever you feel yourself reacting to events that actually don’t harm your present moment in any way whatsoever, take a breath. Take stock of the world as it is around you. Get out of your head, your ego is angry in there. Instead focus on your physical senses. The sounds. What you see. What you feel. What you smell.

When you take your power back you aren’t really taking it from the things outside of your control. You’re actually taking it back from your ego and its investment in those outcomes.

This is Really About Your Ego

The greatest gift I ever received was my deep depression; when I gave up all hope of happiness. That was when I completely gave up on giving a shit. That’s how I learned the secret power of being completely myself.

You can say, “I don’t give a shit about her! She was just being inconsiderate and rude and it’s not right! That’s what made me mad! I don’t care what she thinks!”

That’s an excuse. A rationalization. Your ego is behind all of it. Your ego is trying to protect you from embarrassment, or any other sort of mental anguish.

Imagine this: You and I are standing in a parking lot. I have a crowbar.

I walk to the nearest car and smash the window in.

Do you care? No. You might actually be a little entertained.

Now imagine I walk over to your car. Guess what? I smash the window in. Are you angry that I did something “not right?” No. It’s not the principle that upset you. You’re mad I messed up YOUR car.

You have a personal investment in that car.

A girl only has the power to jar you if you have at some level made an investment in her.

This is the work of your ego.

You WANT that girl, sure. But if you are getting frustrated or angry, you are invested. If you are invested, your ego will spring into action to protect you. It will scream all sorts of evil things about what a rude bitch that girl is, and so on and so forth.

You need to eliminate your ego.

Be Like Austin Powers

Do you see how all of this anger and frustration could be eliminated if you took control of your ego, your reaction, and your confidence and fully owned them?

Think about Austin Powers in that scene I mentioned. He was unshakable.

Austin Powers knows it in his BONES that he is dead sexy. Sure it seems silly, but that is the mindset of a confident man.

Don’t get invested in what the girl does or thinks or says. You can’t control her. But you can control your reaction to her actions.

And really, there shouldn’t be a reaction.

That’s it for today, my friend.

Good Luck,


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