How to Attract Women with 5 Body Language Tricks

How important is body language to attract a woman? Well, you ever people watched? Can’t you tell when a guy is a wimp? It’s easy to look timid. Make yourself small. Shrink your shoulders. Duck your chin. Avert your gaze. Think about a guy like that. Repulsive, right? See how powerful body language can be? What if you took that knowledge and used it to your advantage to attract women? Allow me to explain.

How to Attract Women With Body Language Trick 1: Stand Right

In all of my posts regarding attracting women I push 3 things: Confidence, directness, and congruence. When it comes to using body language to attract a woman, we want to try to exhibit those traits without ever opening our mouths. Let’s start by reversing the body language of the guy from the opening paragraph.

  1. Make yourself big. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart.
  2. Lock your shoulders back. Pretend your shirt is still on its hanger in the closet.
  3. Chin up! You chin should always be parallel to the ground; never dipped.
  4. Arms at your sides. Not in your pockets and not crossed over your chest.
  5. Ball your hands in fists, hold tight for five seconds, release. That’s how your hands stay.

Practice your body language every time you go anywhere. Whether you are out in public or at home alone. Do it until it becomes second nature. We’ve already noted that bad posture is one of the easiest ways to convey weakness. Use good posture to convey strength and confidence and attract women!

How to Attract Women With Body Language Trick 2: Control Your Movements

You can’t just stand around forever! Even if women are attracted to your body language, they may not flock over to you. The way you move about is just as important as the way you stand…about. Again, when we are thinking about body language and movement, we want to convey confidence, directness, and congruence.

To convey confident body language while in motion, you must learn to control your movements. Nervous dudes fidget a lot. Confident, attractive men move with control and purpose. They walk slowly and deliberately. Think about James Bond. Do you ever see him bouncing his knee or fidgeting with his clothes or anything? When you slow down your movements, they convey directness because they are more calculated and have purpose. You’ll appear more certain, and show the rest of the world that you are comfortable in your environment.

How to Attract Women With Body Language Trick 3: Take Up Space

We want to make ourselves big, but we also want to take up a lot of space, and that extends to our environment. At any time, never fail to occupy as much space as possible. This is actually very attractive to women. If you approach a bar, place your hands on it and spread them out from you. If you are sitting in a coffee shop, cover the area with your stuff. Put your bag on one side of you. Your keys and phone on the table. Your drink somewhere a little further away. Signal this space belongs to YOU. It’s a primitive, sort of territorial move that conveys strength, and women pick it up subconsciously.

Attract women with body language by taking up space

I had to laugh when I realized I was doing trick 3 while working on this article.

How to Attract Women With Body Language Trick 4: Eye Contact

Eye contact is so powerful for attracting women and most men get this part wrong. I recommend you practice eye contact every day, every chance you get. Practice eye contact at the gas station, at the mall, on family, everywhere. It’s a powerful tool to create attraction with women. Whether you are talking directly to her or trying to get her attention, you need to look her in the eye. This is a great body language tactic that creates amazing tension and conveys tons of confidence.

How to Attract Women With Body Language Trick 5: Vocal Tone

I’ll group this with body language because your vocal tone is part of your nonverbal communication. First, be aware of your inflection. I recommend talking to women like you are asking a family member to pass the salt. Second, pace your words. Nervous people talk fast. Talking fast makes people uneasy and they can’t really catch everything you’re saying. Talking slow conveys confidence. It shows you are speaking deliberately. That conveys directness and congruence. All good things that attract women.

Practice these body language tricks every day and they’ll become second nature!

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How to Attract Women with 5 Body Language Tricks
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How to Attract Women with 5 Body Language Tricks
How important is body language to attract a woman? Well, you ever people watched and spotted a real loser? His body language probably told on him.
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