How Do I Ask For A Girl’s Number Without Being Creepy?

How Should A Guy Ask For A Girl's Number Without Sounding Creepy?

I’ve been taking questions from Quora and answering them with YouTube videos the last couple of days. And I must say, I’m really starting to enjoy it.

Below you’ll find a video and written transcription of my response to the following Quora question: “Okay, silly question, but how should a guy go about asking for a girl’s phone number without sounding too creepy?”

The question we have here is, “Okay, silly question, but how should a guy go about asking for a girl’s phone number without sounding too creepy?”

Subheading: “I know some of you are gonna tell me ‘“women are just people, don’t be afraid”, and I understand that but I read answers on here all the time about how women have to be on alert against sexual assault and I worry about coming off as creepy. How do I ask to stay in touch with someone I just met?”

I think this is kind of, the question you know, is not a silly question. This is the part where people get really hung up on the proper way to execute this, because it kind of is make or break. This is potentially the last taste you leave in her mouth, so to speak.

How Do I Get Her Number Smoothly?

So what I do is, if I’m asking for a number, I interject it into the conversation before the end. Because if you just drop it right at the end you kind of do leave it with just like, almost high pressure. Like she’s walking away, you’re walking away, “Oh by the way, can I get your number?” And it’s like, it’s kind of become like a big deal at that point. Almost inadvertently for both parties. There’s just more pressure that way.

What you can do though, the moment you discover that you want to hang out with this person, and that’s what I suggest, you don’t just come into the thing, or you don’t just walk up to the conversation or come into the conversation to get her number, You come into the conversation to get to know her and once you discover through what we call discovery or talking, probing questions in sales.

Once you kind of get a feel for her and realize that you and I would actually be a really compatible fit to hang out and have fun and we have common interests. At that point you go ahead and casually ask for the number.

How to get a girls number without being creepy

Even if she is crazy beautiful, she is still a person like you with interests, likes and dislikes. Find out what they are!

The way you do this is by taking whatever it was that turned you on about her, for instance, say she asked you what you were doing this weekend. You say yeah, we went rock climbing at, I would say White Water Center or something like in Charlotte, and she was like, Oh my god, I love rock climbing. I’d be like yeah, well I mean we’re going again on Thursday if you wanna come, go ahead and give me your number, I’ll text you when we go.

Or if you’d like to go with me sometime, I’d love to take you, what are you doing on Thursday? See you kind of do it mid-conversation, you don’t wait until the end where all this pressure is kind of built up. There’s probably signs, hints. She knows you kind of like her, you might be giving away that you kind of like her and she’s kind of waiting for it, waiting for it and it just kinda builds.

I think the best thing to do is just ask, get the number in your phone. Then afterwards, once you leave, once the conversation has ended, you guys both go your separate ways, totally cool.

Like you said, how do I ask to stay in touch with someone I just met? It’s totally cool to go ahead and get her number mid-conversation, and I’d prefer to do it that way. Then whenever you go your separate ways, you just send a simple text and it’s sorta like a little bump so she has your name and number so whenever you do follow up for the date or whatever you wanna call it.

I think it’s really important to be direct you know? Makes sure it isn’t like, overly friendly. It needs to be kinda clear that it’s a date, but yeah, when you follow up for the date you want your name to already be there.

So you can say something like, text Alice and say, “Hey Alice, it’s John. Nice chatting today.” And that’s, I mean, you could leave it at that because your next thing will probably be something about the date itself. Where you’re gonna go, what you’re gonna do and I think that’s really easy, really casual.

I think the more casual you keep it the better. It shows you kind of expect this flow to go, the flow of events to go this direction. You aren’t putting a lot of weird pressure and the more you make it casual, like this is how things just go for me, I ask you out, you say yes, we go. You don’t make a big deal out of it, like you just kind of expect it. It makes it easier for her to fall into the role of someone who’s supposed to go on a date with you.

It’s whenever you kind of present this needy side where you’re like, “So um, remember we talked about that date, you know? How would you feel about that? Is that something you wanna do, maybe? Yeah? No?” See when you do stuff like that it kinda gives the feeling like, am I supposed to be doing this?

So I think whenever you touch base, less is more. When you get the number, do it very casually. When you follow up, do it very casually. You wanna make your moves in romance on the date. I don’t really like cracking jokes or being clever or witty or anything like that in text. I’m actually a very dry texter. Just for that very reason.

Too much room for error. But yeah, that’s what I’d recommend. Just being very casual, very cool about it. She’ll pick that up, she’ll realize that you’re a cool guy. You haven’t put so much weight or pressure on this whole date thing, like, yeah, it’d be cool to go. We’re gonna have a good time. I’m excited. It’s just that simple.

That’s all I’ve got for today, I hope this helps out!

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How Do I Get The Number Without Being Creepy?
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How Do I Get The Number Without Being Creepy?
Okay, silly question, but how should a guy go about asking for a girl’s phone number without sounding too creepy? That's not a silly question at all...

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