4 Facts about Leslie’s Character in Hang-Ups and Hangovers That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

I’ve stated that the majority of events in Hang-Ups and Hangovers are true. That is kind of what makes it such a special read. You’re reading through a chapter and then wondering, “can this be real? Is this fact or fiction?”

Well, I’ve decided to shed light on some of those grey areas where you probably wondered if I was embellishing truth for the benefit of exciting plot line. These 4 facts about Leslie’s character will make you cringe.

If you’ve ever had a jealous significant other, this familiar toxicity might hurt your soul.

First, let’s set the stage. The scene when Leslie spots a NASCAR video on David’s phone sent by his friend Samantha: Real. That is the catalyst for the crumbling of my real life relationship with my uber-jealous, then-girlfriend on Memorial Weekend in 2012.

Fact 1: The real Leslie actually did blow up to total strangers on the porch at my friend’s beach house.

In a drunken fit of jealous rage, my then-girlfriend created quite the scene with an impassioned philippic of all my boyfriend sins to a crowd of people neither her nor I knew. She was so intemperate with her ranting she drew quite the crowd.

Fact 2: The real Leslie played weird jealousy games at the bar later.

To show me that she wasn’t to be played, though I wasn’t playing her, the real Leslie did in fact drag a strange guy to the dance floor in front of me and my friends. She flipped me off then dropped it like it’s hot. Bonus Fact: The bargaining “we’re a team,” line: 100% real. Heartbreaking.

Fact 3: The real Leslie tossed my phone off the balcony.

I was so firm about the innocence of my relationship with Samantha’s character, I allowed the real Leslie to rummage through all my text messages. She went all the way back to February before she found a text she could construe into something bad. Next thing I knew, she was tossing my phone over the balcony.

Fact 4: The real Leslie decked me after I called her a psycho.

100% true. My then-girlfriend turned around and straight DECKED me in the left eye. My vision was severely damaged and, like David’s in Hang-Ups and Hangovers, I had to visit an ophthalmologist and take prescription steroid drops for a while.

Bonus Fact: My phone did survive the fall and I still have it today.

Motorola Droid Phone

I just can’t bring myself to “toss it.” 😀

That is only the very beginning of David’s story in Hang-Ups and Hangovers. To find out what happens to David, you should pick up the book!

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