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Should I ask her how she feels (1)

Should I Ask Her How She Feels?

Should this guy ask his friend how she feels about him – again? This guy has a female friend he likes. She got wise to his feelings and straight up asked him if he liked her. He said, “yes, do you like me?” First, kudos for being direct and straightforward with her. Hiding your intentions […]

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Tired of Being a Virgin in College

Tired of Being A Virgin in College? What You Should Know

“Sounds pathetic but I’m tired of being a virgin…I’ll be 22 soon and I know that sex isn’t everything but I feel like im really missing out and sh*t not to mention college is the easiest time to get laid. What should I do to make myself noticeable aside from working out.” Dating Is A […]

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Is The Second Date Okay to Go for the First Kiss

The Second Date Okay to Go for the First Kiss?

Is The Second Date Okay to Go for the First Kiss? “Pretty standard. I (28) met a girl (23) at a party, hit it off, asked for her number. Went for drinks on a first date, went pretty well. Now I’m basically meeting her for drinks and then we’ll go for a walk in the […]

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How do I really get a girl to like me

How Do I Really Get A Girl To Like Me?

How do you REALLY get a girl to like you? No BS? This is a GIGANTIC question. I have read and written entire books on the subject! But I’ll do my best to give you a direct answer that will point you in the right direction. I’ll tell you straight off, there is no magic […]

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How do guys get the attention of the girl they like

How Do Guys Get the Attention of Girls They Like?

Today I answer a cool question I found on Quora: How Do Guys Get Girls’ Attention? The short and sweet answer: They DON’T! Check out the video and transcript below! What’s up guys, Kyle Milligan of here, and we’re going to answer a question from Quora. The question is “How do guys seek the […]

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How Do I Handle A Person Who Rejected Me-

How Do I Handle A Person Who Rejected Me and Still Wants to Talk?

Having trouble dealing with someone who rejected you and wants to make amends? That’s exactly what our Quora question of the day is all about! Check out the video and transcript below for more details. What’s up guys? Kyle Milligan, of and today we’re gonna answer a question on Quora under the “Dating and […]

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Call it quits on a relationship due intellectual ability

Should You Call It Quits if You Are Intellectually Incompatible?

How Important Is Intellectual Connection and Compatibility In A Relationship? We have a really good question from Quora today! See the transcript and video below for more detail. What’s up guys, Kyle Milligan of here, and today we’re gonna answer a question from Quora in the “Dating Advice” topic. The question I have here is, […]

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How Should A Guy Ask For A Girl's Number Without Sounding Creepy?

How Do I Ask For A Girl’s Number Without Being Creepy?

I’ve been taking questions from Quora and answering them with YouTube videos the last couple of days. And I must say, I’m really starting to enjoy it. Below you’ll find a video and written transcription of my response to the following Quora question: “Okay, silly question, but how should a guy go about asking for a […]

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