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How to Get More Matches On Tinder for Guys

How to get more matches on tinder new adult author kyle milligan

To be successful on Tinder, it all starts with getting more matches. Before you can learn to get girls on Tinder, you must first figure out how to match with them. And still, even before you try to get more matches on Tinder, you should understand Tinder’s real function. Tinder’s Real Function Tinder is just […]

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How to Avoid The Friend Zone

How To Avoid the friend zone book excerpt new adult

Beware the friend zone. Avoid it all costs. Learning how to avoid the friend zone can save you a lot of heartache because once you become friend zoned it is nearly impossible to escape. In a minute I’m going to share a friend-zone related excerpt from my new adult fiction novel, Redheads and Bedspreads; book […]

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It’s Just Dancing

It's just dancing new adult kyle milligan

Have you ever been in a relationship where one person says, “It’s just dancing?” Get out. I should be working on my niche site right now. Lord knows it could use more traffic. But there is a stupid bimbo at the end of this table who has been bitching for 30 minutes to her mother, […]

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Stability New Adult Romance Author Kyle Milligan realkylemilligan

“Time is like a river, they say. I say everything is a river. Life is a river. There is no stability. Life abides the physics of time, always moving. Life doesn’t stop or have checkpoints to fall back to. An object in motion stays in motion. An object at rest is sinking. Diminishing. You’re either […]

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patience woman at starting line sprinter sprint

“Sorry, nothing to report.” Nobody who owns a website ever wants to see that on their activity log. Luckily it isn’t, but an anonymous niche website I have been building. I should be promoting Redheads and Bedspreads, but I’m not. I’m a creator at heart. I don’t want to talk about shit that’s done […]

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4 Gritty Differences Between New Adult and Young Adult Fiction

Opening Blank book

It seems everybody knows what young adult fiction is, but what about this genre “new adult?” The two genres are actually pretty similar, but here are 4 basic differences between new adult and young adult fiction. New Adult Versus Young Adult Fiction: Protagonist’s Age NA and YA novels tell a coming of age tale. The key difference is: of […]

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4 Ways Reading the Hang-Ups and Hangovers Books Will Change Your Life

Reading New Adult Fiction Hang-Ups and Hangovers

The Hang-Ups and Hangovers books wrestle with the realities of dating and romance in today’s hookup culture. It’s choppy waters out there and whether you’re single, taken, male, or female, you can take something from the human experience that is David McCleary’s narrative. Mindset While you read through David’s despressing follies and exhilarating successes, you might […]

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4 Facts about Leslie’s Character in Hang-Ups and Hangovers That Will Make Your Hair Stand on End

I’ve stated that the majority of events in Hang-Ups and Hangovers are true. That is kind of what makes it such a special read. You’re reading through a chapter and then wondering, “can this be real? Is this fact or fiction?” Well, I’ve decided to shed light on some of those grey areas where you probably wondered […]

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4 Ways Hang-Ups and Hangovers Can Keep You From Hang-Ups and Hangovers

There are TONS of relationship and dating self-help books and they all say the same things: “Hold frame. Put yourself first. Have confidence.” What does any of that stuff mean, practically? That’s when I decided to write a novel showcasing the details of a personal dating journey and evolution told through the eyes of David McCleary […]

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I’ve been a bit anxious lately. Chest is tight. Throat is tight. I’ve struggled to catch my breath far too often. I wondered if maybe I was putting on weight but that’s ridiculous; I look fantastic. I sat down to work on some writing and as I opened my laptop screen I tried to take […]

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