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I'm Kyle Milligan

I've been on A LOT of dates. Some were REALLY GREAT. But a lot were terrible.

Read the hard lessons from those experiences in my novels, the Hang-Ups and Hangovers series.

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The author was incredible at conveying the emotional toil and nervousness of many feeble attempts to just meet women (just hi? That's it?) and then date. The book relates, the book is funny, and there's so much more I want to still know about the characters. Please write a prequel, sequel, anything!

DNJ - Amazon Review
Hang-Ups and Hangovers

From one college student to a former one, who is in a "rut" with women, this book spoke to me and gave me insights on how to better up my "game" for lack of a better word. I read the whole book, cover to cover in roughly 2 days, that is how good I thought it was.

Amazon Review
Hang-Ups and Hangovers

Intriguing, I couldn't put it down until I finished. Interesting perspective from the males point of view. I believe he hit every emotion in the first few chapters and kept it going throughout the book! Can't wait for the sequel! 🙂

Brittany - Amazon Review
Hang-Ups and Hangovers

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